Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Consultation Request Form.

  1. Submit a draft of your thesis or dissertation, and we will review your formatting of the manuscript.
    You may upload a copy of your thesis or dissertation, and we will respond to your request within the next 2 business days.
  2. Submit any questions you have about submission and formatting.
  3. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a librarian.
    Select one of the appointment times below and follow the prompts for submitting your request. All appointment times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)

For formatting information, please see the Thesis and Dissertation Manual (electronic filing): /electronic/tdmanuale.

A pre-submission critique is available to all students who would like to have their formatting reviewed prior to meeting with their committee members. It is not a required step in the filing process.

If you have already met with your committee members, please bypass the "pre-submission critique" and follow the electronic submission steps outlined here in Section 6 of the manual.

For questions regarding Open Access, please contact Mitchell Brown at mcbrown@uci.edu.

Please limit submitted file sizes to less than 8 MB.
Here are some points to double check before uploading your submission.
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