UCI Theses and Dissertations Manual - 6.6. Points to Double Check - Avoid these Common Mistakes!

Below are some problem areas where errors often occur--double check your manuscript to make sure that you do not fall into these common traps. Remember the following points:

  • Your name, degree name, manuscript title, and year must be the same throughout the thesis/dissertation--especially, check to make sure that the information on your title page matches the abstract.
  • The copyright page should not have a page number.
  • Your committee chair must sign on the designated line.
  • The Table of Contents begins with the List of Figures or Acknowledgments and does NOT include the Table of Contents itself.
  • The Curriculum Vitae must include the degree for which you are currently a candidate.
  • Both copies of your manuscript must be printed on 20-24 pound, 100% cotton paper.
  • Your committee members must sign the Form II / signature Page for both thesis and dissertation submissions.
  • Personal checks are not acceptable as payment for dissertation copies or copyright registration.
  • Make sure your margins are correct! 1" on the left, right, top, and bottom. Do not depend on your software's margin estimates--check your margins with a ruler.

Before submitting the final version of your thesis/dissertation to the University Archives, we strongly recommend that you bring a copy of your manuscript for us to review. A pre-submission critique takes only a few minutes and can save you valuable time and money.