UCI Thesis and Dissertation Call Number Table

UCI thesis and dissertation call numbers begin with the sequence LD 791.8 (for master's theses) or LD 791.9 (for doctoral dissertations). They are indexed as local call numbers, and can be retrieved in ANTPAC Web under LOCAL CALL NUMBER.

Call Number Table
SUBJECT AREA CUTTER Master's theses Doctoral dissertations LOCATION
Administration A3   LD 791.9 A3 Langson
Anthropology A6   LD 791.9 A6 Langson
Art History A7 LD 791.8 A7   Langson
Biological Sciences B5 LD 791.8 B5 LD 791.9 B5 Sci Lib
Biomedical Engineering B56 LD 791.8 B56 LD 791.9 B56 Sci Lib
Biomedical Sciences B58 LD 791.8 B58 LD 791.9 B58 Sci Lib
Business Administration A3   LD 791.9 A3 Langson
Chemical and Biochemical
C42 LD 791.8 C42 LD 791.9 C42 Sci Lib
Chemical and Material Physics C425 LD 791.8 C425 LD 791.9 C425 Sci Lib
Chemical Engineering C43 LD 791.8 C43 LD 791.9 C43 Sci Lib
Chemistry C45 LD 791.8 C45 LD 791.9 C45 Sci Lib
Civil Engineering C48 LD 791.8 C48 LD 791.9 C48 Sci Lib
Classics C5 LD 791.8 C5 LD 791.9 C5 Langson
Comparative Culture C55 LD 791.8 C55 LD 791.9 C55 Langson
Comparative Literature C6   LD 791.9 C6 Langson
Computer Science C65 LD 791.8 C65 LD 791.9 C65 Sci Lib
Creative Writing C67 LD 791.8 C67   Langson
Criminology, Law and Society C7 LD 791.8 C7 LD 791.9 C7 Langson
Culture and Theory C8   LD 791.9 C8 Langson
Dance D3 LD 791.8 D3 LD 791.9 D3 Langson
Drama D7 LD 791.8 D7 LD 791.9 D7 Langson
Drama and Theatre D73   LD 791.9 D73 Langson
Earth System Science E19 LD 791.8 E19 LD 791.9 E19 Sci Lib
East Asian Languages
and Literatures
E2 LD 791.8 E2 LD 791.9 E2 Langson
Economics E3 LD 791.8 E3 LD 791.9 E3 Langson
Education E33 LD 791.8 E33 LD 791.9 E33 Langson
Educational Administration E34   LD 791.9 E34 Langson
Educational Administration and Leadership E35 LD 791.8 E35 LD 791.9 E35 Langson
and Computer Engineering
E38 LD 791.8 E38 LD 791.9 E38 Sci Lib
Electrical Engineering E39 LD 791.8 E39 LD 791.9 E39 Sci Lib
Engineering E4 LD 791.8 E4 LD 791.9 E4 Sci Lib
English E5 LD 791.8 E5 LD 791.9 E5 Langson
Environmental Analysis
and Design
E586   LD 791.9 E586 Sci Lib
Environmental Health Science
and Policy
E59 LD 791.8 E59 LD 791.9 E59 Sci Lib
Environmental Toxicology E6 LD 791.8 E6 LD 791.9 E6 Sci Lib
Epidemiology E7 LD 791.8 E7 LD 791.9 E7 Sci Lib
Fine Arts F5 LD 791.8 F5   Langson
French F7   LD 791.9 F7 Langson
Genetic Counseling G3 LD 791.8 G3 LD 791.9 G3 Sci Lib
German G5   LD 791.9 G5 Langson
Health Psychology H4   LD 791.9 H4 Langson
History H5 LD 791.8 H5 LD 791.9 H5 Langson
Human Development H8 LD 791.8 H8 LD 791.9 H8 Langson
Information and Computer Science I5 LD 791.8 I5 LD 791.9 I5 Sci Lib
Linguistics L5     Langson
Management M28 LD 791.8 M28 LD 791.9 M28 Langson
Materials Science and Engineering M29 LD 791.8 M29 LD 791.9 M29 Sci Lib
Mathematics M3 LD 791.8 M3 LD 791.9 M3 Sci Lib
Mechanical and Aerospace
M36 LD 791.8 M36 LD 791.9 M36 Sci Lib
Mechanical Engineering M37 LD 791.8 M37 LD 791.9 M37 Sci Lib
Music M8 LD 791.8 M8   Langson
Networked Systems N37 LD 791.8 N37 LD 791.9 N37 Sci Lib
Pharmacology and Toxicology P45 LD 791.8 P45 LD 791.9 P45 Sci Lib
Philosophy P5 LD 791.8 P5 LD 791.9 P5 Langson
Physics P6 LD 791.8 P6 LD 791.9 P6 Sci Lib
Planning, Policy and Design P63   LD 791.9 P63 Langson
Political Science P65   LD 791.9 P65 Langson
Psychology P7 LD 791.8 P7 LD 791.9 P7 Langson
Psychology and Social Behavior P75   LD 791.9 P75 Langson
Radiological Sciences R3 LD 791.8 R3 LD 791.9 R3 Sci Lib
Social Ecology S5 LD 791.8 S5 LD 791.9 S5 Langson
Social Science S56 LD 791.8 S56 LD 791.9 S56 Langson
Sociology S57 LD 791.8 S57 LD 791.9 S57 Langson
Spanish S6 LD 791.8 S6 LD 791.9 S6 Langson
Statistics S83   LD 791.9 S83 Sci Lib
Studio Art S89 LD 791.8 S89   Langson
Transportation Science T7 LD 791.8 T7 LD 791.9 T7 Sci Lib
Urban and Regional Planning U7 LD 791.8 U7 LD 791.9 U7 Langson
Visual Studies V5   LD 791.9 V5 Langson